6 April 2021 | Restaurant

Why paddock-to-plate is more than a buzz phrase

We take our food seriously, and ensure delicious cuisine is at the core of any experience at Hazelwood. While Australians generally care about where our food comes from, how it’s farmed and prepared, interest in sustainability and ethical farming is at an all-time high.

That’s why we’ve put the paddock-to-plate philosophy at the centre of our ethos at Hazelwood. But what exactly is meant by paddock-to-plate?

The idea behind the phrase is simple – minimise the steps between the producer or farmer and the consumer.

Why? Freshness and flavour mainly. But these sustainability principles mean we can support local producers and growers alike, to ensure our region thrives.

By removing the steps in between grower and restaurant, it also means fresh produce is used at its peak, rather than travelling far and losing flavour. Of course, produce starts to lose its freshness as soon as it’s picked – so why wouldn’t we collect avocados from next door, and finger limes from down the road.

Tom Simpson, Hazelwood’s General Manager explains why Hazelwood has chosen to adopt this philosophy.

“Here at Hazelwood we love the idea of paddock-to-plate because we’re lucky enough to live in an extremely fertile part of the world,” said Tom.

“We know and love our neighbours and producers in the local area, and their produce is among the freshest and most sustainably grown in Australia.

“Our Chef thrives on the challenge of creating unbelievably tasty dishes centred on local produce, combined with using ingredients from our market garden,” he said.

Breeding and raising a small herd of Wagyu cattle on Hazelwood Estate is another example of how close we stick to this.

“Our signature Wagyu tasting experience at Hazelwood is an excellent experience for those wanting to enjoy an exceptionally tender meat experience while learning more about the farming side of things,” says Tom.

“Our Wagyu production has been running for many years and is backed by a stack of awards; but the thing that makes it really special is how fresh the meat is, combined with how we cook it over fallen timber from around the estate,” he said.

Although paddock-to-plate may sound like another buzzword in the culinary world, it’s easy to see how the simple formula works and why it’s important.

Take a look at the Wagyu experience or book a table at Paddock for breakfast, lunch or dinner to experience paddock-to-plate first hand. 

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