Hazelwood Polo Team

The Hazelwood polo team competes in the South East QLD polo tournaments

Hazelwood Polo Team

The Hazelwood Polo Team was first launched in 2008 when Andrew Northcott was introduced to the sport by his good mate, George Hill. Andrew was fortunate to have the coaching and guidance of professional players Cooch Lynch and the late Lance Shepard, both who were instrumental in cementing his love of the sport.

Despite some of the preconceived notions, polo is simply a bunch of horse lovers enjoying a fast-paced sport with their friends and beloved polo ponies.

Andrew Northcott

Andrew started playing polo in 2006 at Willowcroft Polo in South East QLD after watching his great mate, George Hill playing for Ellerston at local QLD tournament. Andrew was fortunate to start his polo career with the support and guidance of Cooch Lynch and Lance Shepard. Andrew’s love of horses, the great people involved in the polo community and the fast paced sport has led to the vision of what Hazelwood is today. Andrew has been out of the saddle for the last few seasons whilst he has focussed any spare time outside of business commitments building his dream at Hazelwood and is looking forward to being part of the Hazelwood Polo Team this season.

George Hill

George Hill started riding when he was 4 years old at pony club near the family’s 90,000 acre cattle operation where George lives and works today. George first started playing polo in 2004 at the age of 19 working for the Hanbury Family’s Lovelocks polo operation in England and then relocating to the Packer family’s Ellerston and has since played in New Zealand, the UK, Germany and South Africa having represented Australia on 4 occasions winning the world cup in 2017.
George’s family has been breeding horses for nearly 100 years and this remains a true passion of George’s, with superb bloodlines and producing some excellent types

Drew Slacksmith

Beau Skerrett

Beau and Andrew worked on large cattle stations together west of Roma where they shared a passion for horses and developed a friendship that led them to start playing polo together in the mid 2000s. Beau has spent the last 12 years travelling the world with half of his professional career outside of Australia in Argentina and England. Beau has been a lifelong horseman and when the opportunity to came to play and train horses alongside one of the top players in the world, Beau jumped at the chance to relocate the Argentina where we developed his polo.

A Polo handicap is a person’s ticket to the world.

Sir Winston Churchill

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